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We produced 83 videos for the University of Bristol's 'Bristol Futures' series of online courses

Following the successful win of a national tender we produced 83 videos for a series of three Moocs; 'Global Citizenship', 'Innovation & Enterprise' and 'Sustainable Futures'.

Featuring course leaders, academics, case studies and students the films were produced in under three months and whilst heavily focused on Bristol the project also saw us shoot across the UK and in Switzerland and Albania.

The courses are due to be launched in 2018 alongside articles, offline study and other pedagogical content.

Bristol Futures

Bristol Futures' overarching infomercial explaining what Bristol Futures is, how to get involved and what to expect, led by University of Bristol drama student Lucy.


Program Trailer

Our trailer showcasing and featuring all three online courses; Innovation & Enterprise, Global Citizenship and Sustainable Futures.


Innovation & Enterprise Trailer

A course trailer for Bristol Futures' 'Innovation & Enterprise' pathway.


Sustainable Futures Trailer

A course trailer for Bristol Futures' 'Sustainable Futures' pathway.


Global Citizenship Trailer

A course trailer for Bristol Futures' 'Global Citizenship' pathway.


Course Teaser

The University of Bristol required a shorter course teaser to promote across its various social media channels.


"Fun, creative team to work with. Hope to work with them again in the future!"

Suzanne Collins, TELED, University of Bristol

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