Saving lives

Every year in Wales more than 6,000 people will have a sudden cardiac arrest, and around 80% of those will happen in the home.

Yet, less than half of adults in Wales are confident in performing CPR and survival rates fall by 10% every minute without CPR or by using a defibrillator.


Nationwide TVCs and radio adverts led the campaign, with social edits supporting the messaging with focus on 999 calls, using a defibrillator, and the assistance of a paramedic.

Behind the scenes

Director: Robert French

DOP: Joffie Burt

Producer: Stephanie Hewlett

Camera Assistant: Sarah Shorrock

Production Assistant: Abbie Howes

Focus Puller: Adam Millbank

Best Boy: Russell Jones

Behind-the-scenes video courtesy of Golley Slater.

"The team over at JonesMillbank built a fun, creative relationship with us from the off and made all the difference in bringing our ideas to life, exactly as we imagined them. Real patience, craft and willingness from start to finish!"

Sophie Young, Creative Service Director, Golley Slater