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A suite of content to support the growth of a G20 school

We've been producing films for Millfield School for over 3 years, one of the UK's leading independent schools and a member of the G20 school group.

From overarching films to specific aerial photography, we've been capturing and producing a range of content to support their international marketing activities.

Academic Animation

We produced an animation showcasing Millfield's academic offering, allaying stereotypes that it's primarily a sports school.


Pre-Prep Film

Our latest film showcases Millfield's Pre-Preparatory school in Glastonbury.


Senior Sports


Senior Boarding


Senior Co-Curricular


Senior Arts


Senior Academic


"Fun to work with, stunningly creative, driven, delivering great results. Millfield School has been delighted with the videos JonesMillbank have produced for us, and the comments we receive back from students, parents and teachers supports this."

Tamsin Denbigh, Marketing Manager, Millfield School

(+44) 117 3706 372


18 Queen Square, BS1 4NH
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