We created a hero video featuring CEO Adam Root and a suite of projected imagery, shot on-location in their Bristol R&D studio.

Alongside the Kickstarter campaign, we were tasked with creating supporting content for social media ads.

Original concepts involved submerging a washing machine in a pool or at sea, revealing it is the 'hidden' culprit behind a vast amount of the ocean's plastic.

The scale and scope of the production dictated otherwise, and we instead used a miniature toy washing machine to create an underwater effect whilst highlighting the sheer volume of microplastics in our oceans; more than stars in our galaxy.

"The team did a fantastic job in pulling together a compelling creative that really told the story of Gulp and Matter's development in a captivating way and the campaign was fully funded in under 30 minutes. We would certainly use JonesMillbank again in the future and highly recommend them."