Covering our home city during a state of lockdown was a strange but inspiring experience.

From our initial conversations with the poet, to discovering the incredible efforts being made by people across the city, it's been an uplifting and eye opening project.

Our approach was a mix of pre-arranged scenes and observational documentary which ensured a balanced and authentic capture of the city during COVID-19.

It's not an understatement to say that we witnessed a city pulling together to help everyone in some way.There is a consistent awareness of others around us but it’s never something we dwell on. Walking through streets, everyone has stories. Stories of love, loss, compassion, remorse, lust, an endless list.

Say Love leans into this observation and positions our lead storyteller (Keir) on his own journey, balancing on his own path while others are woven around him. This ensemble collectively represent connections we all have with people through our lives, know matter how brief or long, but ultimately fade away as we continue to move forward on our own journey for love, whatever that may mean to that individual.

Rob French, Creative Director


Utilising Ashton Avenue Bridge in Bristol was entirely intentional for Say Love.

The symmetrical, brutal structure enveloping all the action was the perfect pairing to offset the tenderness and vulnerability in the song.

A hopeful symphony between the architecture and the natural light danced with those emotions as we travel through the uniformed light and shade that floods the bridge in the mornings.

One shot

Part of the concept was to capture the music video in a single shot. Shot entirely on a RED Helium 8K, we utilised anamorphic lenses to extenuate the scale of the bridge and Keir's surroundings, whilst keeping the focus on Keir throughout.

Due to the layout of the bridge - chosen as part of the concept - a dolly was required to track Keir as he balanced on the central kerb alongside a DJI Ronin 2, Teradek transceiver, and follow focus system.

Camera: RED Helium 8K @ 38fps
Lens: Atlas Orion Anamorphic (32mm T2 PL Mount)
Gimbal: DJI Ronin 2
Steadicam: Ready Rig
Dolly: Matthews Round-D
Wireless Transceivers: Teradek Ace 500
BTS Camera: GoPro MAX