We produced a suite of digital holograms in collaboration with Holotronica and for use with their 3D holographic screens.

Four models and actors delivered key content to direct attendees to upcoming workshops and seminars from the main hall, whilst others were used as background looping assets.

Glows and other effects were used to enhance the 3D aspect of the holograms, whilst costumes and glitches created a sci-fi aesthetic that played into the hologauz material.

Occasionally the phone will ring with a brief that gives us the opportunity to do something completely new.

Jisc have always been keen to push the boundary's of audience experience and being asked to create giant 8m tall holograms reminiscent of those in Blade Runner 2049 was a real treat.

To capture the content our crew used the resolution and depth of RED 8K RAW from our Helium mounted in a vertical position. The real trick was getting the talent to imagine themselves as bring 8m tall in a room full of tiny humans!

Our animators were able to achieve a wonderful result using customised effects to build realistic holograms with the glitching and sound interruptions of the old Star Wars films.