Mediterranean air, low Spanish sunshine, colourful markets, and four of London's top chefs in one elegant villa; all the perfect ingredients for storytelling.

I was really surprised by the content that came out during the week; what began as a pretty standard client testimonial brief (albeit with a Spanish backdrop) very quickly turned into something much more personal and story-driven.

Rob French, Creative Director


With such rich content we created a 10-minute documentary that looks at all four chefs, their backgrounds and relationships with food.

Each chef was tasked with creating a dish using local produce and we explore their passions and approach to their dishes.

Shooting took place at Finca Arroyo de las Adelfas, Malaga, and at Holborn Dining Room, Chiltern Firehouse and Quality Chop House, London.

"Mixed in with this atmosphere of adrenaline, there were these big scary looking guys doing something very creative and artistic, and I love that. And it was the first time probably in my childhood where I felt comfortable."

Callum Franklin, Holborn Dining Rooms

Chef profiles

A series of individual films focus on each chef, their passion and why they trust Henderson Seafood.

Calum Franklin
Holborn Dining Rooms

Shaun Searley
Quality Chop House

Richard Foster
Chiltern Firehouse

Marianne Lumb