"The whole team were superb to work with. They quickly grasped our brief and created something beautiful, emotive and in some cases tearful responses! They reacted quickly and efficiently throughout, solving numerous problems arising from the tight turnaround and current climate. Highly recommended."

Bristol City Council

Studio Insight

Covering our home city during a state of lockdown was a strange but inspiring experience.

From our initial conversations with the poet, to discovering the incredible efforts being made by people across the city, it's been an uplifting and eye opening project.

Our approach was a mix of pre-arranged scenes and observational documentary which ensured a balanced and authentic capture of the city during COVID-19.

It's not an understatement to say that we witnessed a city pulling together to help everyone in some way.

Adam Millbank, Director

"I recollect Bristol from be hind my eyelids and soften.Tower block windows winking from a humble summit.College Green on a lunch break.The Harbourside fringed with giggles and shrieks. Top 40Dribbles from taxis. All that fruit jewelling Stapleton Road."

Bristol City Council