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Battersea's 'Muddy Dog 2017' events were under-subscribed. Promotional material was required to increase sign ups, help participants fund-raise and allow Battersea to put on additional events.


We comprehensively covered one of 2017's events, capturing fun, active and comedic footage from the event, allowing us to produce a suite of unique films for both web and social.


Various edits were produced for Battersea and these were initially picked up by UNILAD , achieving over 20 million views in less than 48 hours. Subsequent platforms including LADbible picked up the content, garnering over 30 million views, 260,000 reactions, 340,000 comments and 290,000 shares.

We have since produced a series of six geo-specific TV commercials for the events via Sky AdSmart, undertaking all clearance and broadcast requirements in-house.

With only a select number of events each year, the demand for 2018's dates following this exposure has been phenomenal, with over £130,000 in fees and fund-raising already raised so far (2017 Q4).




TV adverts

increase in signups

in fund-raising

"Despite the miserable weather, JonesMillbank managed to capture the immense fun and joy of the Muddy Dog Challenge as well as the unique bond between owners and their dogs. The videos they produced went viral within days and had a huge impact on registrations for the event. They have been a pleasure to work with and we are looking forward to working with them again this year."

Emma Lovesey, Challenge and Public Events Manager, Battersea

(+44) 117 3706 372


18 Queen Square, BS1 4NH
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