Our story


Unlike many other production companies we work in-house. Our tight-knit team work on all our projects, and we use freelancers sparingly for their unique expertise, not as a video farm. This provides a higher quality and consistent production with a far greater understanding of brand, values and requirements.

From the beginning we found we had a talent for creating emotionally-engaging films, often featuring honest and relatable interviews via an undisruptive production process. This led to an organic growth in industries who could most benefit from these skills, namely in education and hospitality. Since then we've worked with a range of subjects from celebrities to children.


Russell Jones

One of the founders of JonesMillbank, Russell plays an active part in all projects from script to edit.

He's our qualified drone pilot and one of our lead photographers so also plays an active part on shoots.

Adam Millbank

A founder of JonesMillbank, Adam has worked with all our clients since conception.

A talented interviewer and skilled camera operator Adam also assists on the majority of our shoots.

Emma Baker

Emma is an experienced self-shooting producer and as Account Manager she plays a pivotal role in all our projects.

As well as being the person you'll speak to on the phone she also assists on shoots and oversees our post-production schedule.

Luke Morgan

After working with us as an animator on specialist projects, Luke joined the team as a full time editor.

His skills across editing, illustration and animation allow us to offer a diverse post-production service in-house.

Hannah Holden

Hannah, our Account Executive, assists in all our day-to-day production requirements including client liaison, schedule production and logistics.


2008 - Graduation

Russell (Jones) and Adam (Millbank) graduate from film school having met in their first year in 2005. OK with a camera, terrible at throwing mortarboards.

2009 - Bristol

Russell & Adam move to Bristol and begin working as freelancers. The going is slow; much time spent sampling beers, playing with Polaroids and working for other people.

2010 - Office & Limited

Work is on the increase and Adam & Russell stop working for other people. Move into a small office in Bristol for £200pm and formally become JonesMillbank Ltd as of 22/02/2011.

2011 - Norland

Begin working with Norland College, the first of an extensive list of education clients. Still an existing client they were our first of now over 20 schools and institutions.

2012 - Another Award

Win another award which snowballs events and corporate work. Start working with larger clients and turnover surpasses the VAT threshold. Learn what VAT stands for and what the threshold is.

2013 - Office & Courtenay

Move out of our box room to Queen Square - still our current office - and take on our first employee, Courtenay, on a sandwich year. Learn what PAYE is and forced to stop watching Family Guy at work.

2013 - Millfield School

Start working with Millfield School, a major education client and one that we would continue working with for many years, assisting our expansion into the education market. Get DBS checks!

2013 - Cornwall Council

Win our first tender and biggest project to date with Cornwall Council. Traveled to Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly for a week. Learnt that Korev just means beer in Cornish.

2014 - Zoe & Rob

Zoe replaces Courtenay following her placement, and Rob takes care of editing. Both stay with us for 15 and 34 months respectively before moving on. Sad face.

2014 - Hover Fox

Russell undertakes a PFAW, adding drones and aerial filming to our production offering. Hover Fox launched to specialised in aerial work. All clients happy.

2014 - The Royal Mint

Begin working with The Royal Mint on a film introducing the new pound coin. Continue to produce over 15 films in the coming years making them a client client. Learn what numismatic means.

2015 - Emma

Emma joins the team, keeping everyone (including our clients) in check. Goes to Disneyland Paris. Twice.

2016 - Nestle

Commissioned by a Bristol-based agency on our largest photography-only project to date, organising logistics for 12 locations across varying markets for Nestle Professional's website.

2016 - Newmarket

Win our largest project to date with Newmarket Holidays. Spend 160/365 days of the next year shooting overseas.

2016 - Jake

Jake joins us to support our travels and keep our wives sane. Introduces us to American phrases and vegetarian food.

2016 - Jisc

Become one of Jisc's chosen suppliers for 3 years following a lengthy tender process.

2016 - Bruges

Went to Bruges for Christmas. Belgian beer, Belgian chocolate and an impressive array of submissions to our internal film competition. What more does the body need? Learn Flemish.

2017 - VisitBristol

Begin working with VisitBristol and UWE, Bristol, in producing a 360° video series to showcase the City of Bristol.

2017 - Luke

Luke the wonder editor/animator/dancer joins the team. Gets covered in glitter.

2017 - UoB

Win our second biggest project to date with the University of Bristol. Produce over 80 films in 3 months to time and budget. Everybody's happy.

2017 - Hannah

Hannah joins. Gets to go to Poland in the first month; not the best destination for vegans.

2017 - Warszawa

Continue the tradition of going somewhere more interesting than a normal club night in Bristol for our work Christmas party. Eat so much pierogi.