Our story

An in-house ethos

Unlike many other video production companies we work entirely in-house; we’ve never used freelancers and never will.

As a result our whole team has a genuine understanding of our clients and a vested interest in the success of a project, the growth of a client and the return on investment.

After months of concept development, scripting and meetings, it isn't Joe Bloggs who turns up on the day, but someone you've already met and who knows the project inside-out.

"After working with three previous video production companies, I found JonesMillbank’s responsiveness a breath of fresh air. Over the period they have also come to know our products well, giving us important feedback."

Tim Goodson, Newmarket Group

A natural approach

From the beginning we found we had a talent for creating emotionally-engaging films, often featuring honest and relatable interviews via an undisruptive production process.

This led to an organic growth in industries who could most benefit from these skills, namely in education and hospitality. Since then we've worked with contributors from almost all walks of life including celebrities, academics, toddlers and pensioners.

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Russell Jones

One of the founders of JonesMillbank, Russell plays an active part in all projects from script to edit.

He's our qualified drone pilot and one of our lead photographers so also plays an active part on shoots.

Adam Millbank

A founder of JonesMillbank, Adam has worked with all our clients since conception.

A talented interviewer and skilled camera operator Adam also assists on the majority of our shoots.

Emma Baker

Emma is an experienced self-shooting producer and as Account Manager she plays a pivotal role in all our projects.

As well as being the person you'll speak to on the phone she also assists on shoots and oversees our post-production schedule.

Joffie Burt

Joffie is an experienced camera operator and the team’s senior production member, working on all shoots as PD and assisting in both the pre and post production stages.

Rob French

Rob is a talented and passionate camera operator. With a background in high-end fashion, he has an eye for detail and understands the importance of customer service.

Jake Twyman

Jake is our dedicated in-house editor. With a passion for music - playing bass, drums and guitar - and a talent for 2D/3D animation, he brings both creativity and technical expertise to the team.

Maeve McKeivor

Maeve, our Account Executive, assists in all our day-to-day production requirements including client liaison, schedule production and logistics.

Join us

We're also interested in hearing the stories of other talented creatives, whether we've got vacancies or not. Please send your CV, showreel or anything else we might find interesting to hello@jonesmillbank.com.

"It’s wonderful to be able to speak with them on the phone and email too, the very people that are producing our films. The customer experience throughout has been unrivaled."

George Beverly, Marketing Manager, Kings Bruton

"A great team who are really responsive and creative, and always up for a bit of a challenge!"

Maddy Wall, Internal Communications and Engagement Manager, Jisc

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  (+44) 117 3706 372       hello@jonesmillbank.com       18 Queen Square, BS1 4NH
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