Your brief

RSK are an engineering and environmental consultancy.

Within the water sector there are various companies that operate as "an RSK company". RSK need to prevent confusion over the Group, showing a cohesive relationship.

An example film shared was by Diageo - with its plethora of brands under one cohesive, purpose-led organisation - and structural similarities can be drawn with the likes of Rentokil Initial too.

RSK are commissioning a film to help prevent this confusion, whilst being used as an overarching brand introduction in tenders and such.

Our concepts



Script-led, with different employees across RSK's group of companies delivering individual parts and lines

Real employees will be used with an ever-developing script that shows the breadth of locations, people and services within the RSK group.

Example script

We begin with someone standing in the rain, they speak to camera stating that “sometimes the right solution to a problem is simple and obvious” - they pull out a lime green umbrella and at the click of a button it shelters them from the rain.

Person 2 then takes over with“but we know that to keep the most important resource safe”...

Person 3 - “secure”

Person 4 - “predicted”

Person 5 - “clean”

Person 6 - “and available, is not to be taken for granted”

Person 7 - “so that’s why RSK has XX organisations"

Person 8 - "all with their own expertise”

Person 2 - “and understanding, so they can act as one“

Person 3 - “team of specialists”

Person 4 - “that have (insert achievement)”

Person 5 - “and (insert achievement)”

Person 6 - “without X we wouldn’t have been able to X”

The script continues - to be fully written as part of the creative stage - before we come back to the first person again for the final line, before they walk off down the street in the rain.


Visit California - Find Yourself Here

for the script and narrative


Overarching concept

This concept is lead by a single actor delivering a script from a home kitchen environment.

They have the charisma, magnetism, and charm of The Oracle from The Matrix trilogy.

Example script

“Do you know what my favourite cocktail is? Ah, you’ll think it’s boring. It’s this" as they pull out a glass and fill it with water from the tap.

"What most people don’t appreciate is what goes into every drop. It’s made up of hundreds of ingredients that all need to come together if it’s going to be just right”.

The script goes on to explain how flood risk services, treatments, testing, management etc all need to be known, understood, guided and work in harmony if without fault each time I turn the tap “ahhhh, refreshing.”

The concept uses stock and archive material to illustrate the narrator points as they progress through the script.


Overarching concept

A stylistic, minimalist approach, this concept uses a bold approach, ASMR and a powerful voiceover to deliver a compelling message.

Shorter than the other concepts, 60 seconds is likely to be sufficient to achieve our objectives.

The spoken word voiceover will be written to play on the idioms of a 'full glass' and how many drops come together to make something greater.

Each drop will set the tempo of the piece and act as a device to list services and areas of expertise.


Carl Sagan - UN Global Impact

for the colour-grade and one-shot scene at 45s

University of Winchester - H2GM

for the minimalist, studio-based visuals


Overarching concept

This concept is similar to concept 2, but instead of cutting to different employees to deliver parts of the script, this piece will be more spoken-word in tone and be delivered by one professional actor.

The film will be a one-shot, with our protagonist putting up an umbrella at the start, before walking down the street toward camera as we walk back with them.

The film will be subtly branded with RSK's lime green throughout including rain mac and umbrella.

The script will play on the practicality, simplicity and longevity of an umbrella - both in terms of the item and a group of companies.


Cranfield University - Some Paths Are Known

for the one-shot, walking-to-camera

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Our estimates

Walking in the Rain


The Cocktail


Expertise in Every Drop


Walking in the Rain (Alt)


"Working with JonesMillbank was a smooth process from start to finish. The team listened to our requirements, produced an excellent brief, and managed the filming days perfectly. Nothing was too much trouble."

Caitlin Abbey, Marketing Manager, Randstad Public Services

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