Meet Jake, our editor and animator

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Meet Jake, our wizard video production editor, animator, bassist and drummer.

Joining the team in early 2018 he has come with a mixture of client and agency experience, having worked for one of the UK’s largest architectural engineers on video production projects spanning into AR/VR, plus a whole host of agencies during life as a freelancer.

Storyteller by day
Jake is incredibly good at creating stories, particularly from interviews which form probably 90% of our video production projects. Whether it’s working on a sensitive subject, or being brutal in cutting down an hour of footage into 1 minute, we know our video production crew’s work is in safe hands when it reaches Jake’s desk.

Animator by night
Not that he works through the night, but in another life you may easily have found Jake working in a VFX department. We always look for video editors with more skills in their quiver than just video production, and Jake certainly has that, with knowledge spanning both 2D and 3D animation.

The beauty of this is that regardless of a video production project actually including animation, we’re able to lift it, be this in contributor titles, opening graphics or closing idents. Most of the time we animate client logos and create video idents pro-bono, simply because they look better.

As an in-house video production team we often utilise our crew and editors early on in client projects, especially where their knowledge or skills fit. On this front, Jake is equally visually creative away from a screen and works with us to develop animation concepts at the pre-production and storyboard stages.

At home
Jake brings with him a wealth of knowledge and experience from his hobbies, particularly when it comes to music. He plays both drums and bass in two bands allowing him to mix, edit and even write music for some of our video production projects.

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I'd love to here from you. Just email me or pop in your details below. The coffees are on me!

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(+44) 117 3706 372
Queen Square House, Bristol, BS1 4NH