We work exclusively in-house

(sorry, freelancers*)

We've never used freelancers and we never will

We're a tight-knit team of 7, all creatives with a passion for creating awesome content, meeting new people and delivering top notch customer service.

As a result we'll get to know you, and you'll get to know us.

* No offence. You can always email us to be considered for a full-time position instead...



Visionary technical leader and fluffy cat lover. Likes to rock a turtle neck with aviators. Has a rule of wearing shorts above 16 degrees. His sense of humour is as dry as a James Bond's martini. Just the person you want at your party... or the one to organise it.

...written by Joffie



Easily mistaken as artificially elongated. Interview-master and Portuguese tart-obsessive. The Mr Monopoly of questionable facts, new found family man and a dab-hand at Catan. Lager-drinker, deep-thinker, laughter-instigator, sunset-chaser with a smile that just keeps on growing.

...written by Maeve



Puppet master that never lets you down. She's Dorothy, the lion, the tin man and the scarecrow. Like Mary Poppins' handbag, things just keep getting produced. The conductor and one of the most cheerful people you will ever meet. Things don't just happen, Emma makes them happen. Can be bribed with biscuits. Totally hench.

...written by Rob



Scandi eye candy. Half man, half mountain goat. Camera guru. Master mise-en-scèner. Louder than God. Raised on the mean streets of Surrey. Self-proclaimed chocolate and biscuit connoisseur. Sneeze of a warlock. Cider-drinking, mint-hating, Kubb-tossing, Catan-crushing, Lighthouse Family-belting, all round good boy.

...written by Jake



Used to work for Ralph Lauren. Knows loads of cool people in Landan Town. Super competitive. Funny to watch when he's not good at something (video games). Has a bangin' eye for design and style. Insta is on point af.

...written by Russell



All round genuine, lovely guy despite his unpredictable tea choices. Eyelashes that any girl would be envious of. In a band which automatically makes him cool. Taps a lot. Rocks a black skinny. At his happiest when eating Rory's Best Ever Veggie Cheeseburger.

...written by Emma



‚ÄčLoves a good pair of dungarees. Can be found Morris dancing. Enjoys a good stout. Surprisingly terrible at darts. Secretly awesome at spreadsheets.

...written by Adam



You'll find job vacancies on our blog, but we're always happy to hear from talented people looking for full-time positions. We're always open to working with new voiceover artists, locations and models too - just make contact and send us your reel.

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“The team at JonesMillbank are a very professional, creative and hard-working bunch. They're also a lot of fun, which makes working with them a real pleasure!”

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Meet Emma

Account Manager

I'd love to hear from you. Just email me at emma@jonesmillbank.com or pop in your details to the right. The coffees are on me!

I'd love to hear from you. Just email me or pop in your details below. The coffees are on me!

(+44) 117 3706 372 | hello@jonesmillbank.com | 4 Temple Studios, Bristol, BS1 6QA

(+44) 117 3706 372
4 Temple Studios, Bristol, BS1 6QA